Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandpa Ottley: Update 5

Last night when I left Grandpa Ottley, he was doing about the same. The balloon is out and is able move around more freely. However, the breathing tube remains and it may be a day or two until that can be removed. Last night he wanted to pull it out, which the nurse said would be very bad and they would have to put it back in. His hands are restrained so he can't reach the tube. He is still medicated but mostly to reduce the anxiety. They try to have him sit up multiple times during the day to rehab and get some of the fluid in his lungs expelled. The hope is to remove the tube tomorrow if all parameters are met.

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Anonymous said...

Brian...we can't thank you enough for keeping us informed. We are praying HARD and thinking of you and your dad. PLEASE let us know if you need ANYthing! We LuvUGuys!!!!