Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grandpa and Lauren: Update 3

Good news for both Grandpa and Lauren. There was a big difference in Grandpa Ottley today than yesterday. He seemed more relaxed and comfortable. He is still a bit delusional, but compared to last night he was a complete turn around. The neurologist visited while we were there. She said he has suffered a small stroke to the right rear area of the brain. This could of occurred during surgery or after and she is unable to know exactly when it happened. The main symptom he is suffering is vision is limited in his left eye. She said this is supporting of where he had the stroke. The good news is she feel he will start to recover. He has a chance of his vision returning but will need extensive rehabilitation to either regain his vision or adjust to not having it. They hope to get him out of the ICU soon and into a more comfortable room on another floor of the hospital. He seemed to be sleeping on and off during our visit which is also wonderful to see.

As for Lauren, I got word from Becky that her and Lauren arrived safely and checked into their hotel room. They are 3 miles from Disneyland so I think Lauren is anxious to go again. Lauren got sick on the flight because of the antibiotics she was prescribed to take and didn't have much of a breakfast to wash it down. Dr. Lewin at the appointment was much more positive about her situation now that she has seen her ear in person. She is feeling good that they have caught it early and will be able to treat it without replacement. She may still need another surgery in the future as a follow up, but they hope to do as much of the stage II procedure that they planned on. Lauren will meet with the doctors again tomorrow before she has the surgery on Friday. It should be about a 4 hours procedure on Friday.

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Jenn said... all I can say. Your famiy is in our prayers. Stay strong.

Our love, the Berretts