Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grandpa and Lauren: Update 5

Good news again with Grandpa Ottley. I spoke with the nurses in the morning and they all told me how much he slept the night before and that he was a different person. I was able to visit him later in the evening and we talked for about two hours. He seem very much back to being Rollie again. He is still confused about everything that has happened the past two weeks. Many of the delusions he has had he thought were real. We spent most of the talking about them and letting him know they didn't happen. He seemed relieved to know they weren't. It will probably take him some time to sort out everything. His white blood cell count is slowly coming down and if it continues, he will probably be released from the ICU and moved to the rehab building next to the ICU. His vision is still affected by the stroke and he will have a lot of rehab to do to strengthen his body and adjust his vision. We hope that his vision is restored back to normal. The hospital staff wanted me to mention he can have visitors now and in the rehab center but only two at a time and no visitors under the age of 14.

As for Lauren, her surgery was a success yesterday. Dr. Lewin was very happy that the infection was not a problem and she could complete everything she wanted to do in Stage II. She repositioned Lauren's ear and placed new skin grafts over the framework. There were two graft sites she took from. One from her other ear and another from her stomach. The stomach area will be the most painful for her in the next two days and they have given her a device that pumps local anesthetic to the area for the next few days. They also gave her some fat injections around her cheek and jaw to even out her symmetry. They had a hard time finding any fat from her stomach to use for the injection. Lucky her. She also was able to finally get her ears pierced. All in all it was a long day for Becky and Lauren.

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