Friday, October 23, 2009

Grandpa and Lauren: Update 10

Both Grandpa and Lauren have been recovering. Grandpa Ottley had a doctor appointment this past week and was given a good report. However, that same day he was experiencing extreme discomfort. He woke up that night with pain in his back and arm as well as felt lightheaded and cold sweats. The doctor wasn't sure what the issue may have been but by later in the day it seemed to go away and hasn't happened since. Lately he has been feeling tired and has not had much energy. The doctor feels like he should be able to make a full recovery and also be able to go back to work. It will still be many weeks or months before that happens however.

Lauren has been doing great. She has all her bandages off and is back to school. She had a field trip today to the new hospital in Riverton. I don't think it was too exciting for her given all the hospitals she has been at this year. The teacher wanted to take the class there so that they would know that it isn't a scary place. As for now, we are just going to be sending photos to Dr. Lewin every few weeks and make sure that she is healing well.

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Jenn said...

We went and visited your Dad tonight. It was good to see him up, walking and talking which is a big improvement from when we visitd him in the hospital. It is hard to see him still in pain and discouraged with his arm pain and numbness. Hopefully with the love and support of family he will be back to enjoying the simple things in life again.....painfree. Glad to hear Lauren is doing so well. Again, you two are amazing parents and children yourself. Our prayers are with you stay strong your such an inspiration to us all! Loves, the Berretts