Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grandpa and Lauren Update

Grandpa had a lot of visitors yesterday and seemed to be about the same. He is physically strong but he is still hallucinating and is very delusional. The doctors say that he may have these symptoms for the months to come. However, they hope that he will start to clear his head in the upcoming week. One of the biggest issues is lack of sleep. He was given something last night to help, but it didn't work. He has probably gotten less than 8 hours sleep over the past 5 days.

As for Lauren, we got a surprise last night as well. Her ear looks like it is infected. The doctor told us to call right away if we saw any signs. We called Dr. Lewin and she wants to move her October 23rd surgery up to this Friday. There is concern that maybe during the last surgery for her jaw two weeks ago she picked up an infection. We are frantically making travel plans. Due to everything that has happened, Becky will be taking Lauren to California and I will stay behind. She will be there with her from the 7th through the 14th. The surgery is scheduled for the 9th.

We are asking any friends or family to fast this Sunday for Grandpa Ottley. We would also like to include Lauren now as well.

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