Monday, December 8, 2008

Lauren Turns 4 Years Old!

Lauren celebrated her 4th Birthday today!! She was very excited and has been talking about it for weeks. We had a family party for her and she spent the day at Jungle Jim's Playground. She is very much a daredevil and loves to go on all the rides. The bumpier the ride, the more she loves it. It will be a big year coming up for her. It seems unfair that she has to deal with something so extensive, but I really believe she will get through it all. There will be some big milestones for her this next year. I am not sure what she used for her birthday wish this year, but I know her mom and I both wished for the same thing.


Ryan n Heather said...

I cant believe she is already 4! She is going to be such a strong girl, who can overcome anything!

Charlie said...

Sylke and Charlie wish Lauren a sweet belated 4th Happy Birthday! We will be keeping an eye on her journal for further updates. Love, Charlie and Sylke.