Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hospital Follow Up

Over the past few weeks, we have been getting prepared for the atresia surgery. We decided to schedule the surgery for the end of January. To do so, they wanted to know if Lauren will be able to have the anesthesia that they use for the surgery. If not, they would have to use an alternative method and the surgery would have to be done at another location. The doctors wanted to do an X-ray of Lauren's spine and throat to make sure there would be room for a tube they use for anesthesia. They found she had some vertebrae that were not fused as they should be and another that was fused when it shouldn't have been. All this is probably due to her Goldenhar's syndrome diagnosis. After further tests and doctor's review at Primary Childrens Hospital, they found that it should not cause her any future problems. The Doctor said that many people have this same kind of diagnosis with their vertebrae and they don't seem to suffer any problems with it. So now, we are just trying to plan how we will travel and where we will be staying. We may have to stay there for a week for the atresia surgery. It will be a long year in 2009 and we hope we have made the right decisions for her.

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