Monday, December 29, 2008

Poem: I'm Special

This is a poem that we found through our Yahoo Group.

I'm Special:

On my way from Heaven, God delayed my trip that day.
He said that I was special, and then sent me on my way.
But not before He kissed me, right upon my ear.
He left his blessed mark to carry with me here.
He whispered in my ear right then, that He loved me without a doubt.
And then He closed my ear up tight, so the whisper won't get out.
He told me both my legs were strong and would help me stand up tall.
He told me both my arms would work to catch me if I fall.
My eyes would catch my memories to store within the pages of my mind.
My heart would fill with all the things I would love, so many things I would find.
He told me I could fall asleep to my Daddy's bedtime tales.
And listen while my Mother sings of seas and boats and sails.
One ear, He told me, could hear the sounds that little birdies make.
The other ear was his gift to me, a blessing for my sake.
For when I'm feeling sad, he said, my other ear would hear,

His whispered words of eternal love, left waiting for me there.

I'm special!!


Marcia Orr said...

I'm so glad that you decided to have a blog to update us on Lauren and your family and the up coming trip to California. She is very "Special" and the poem is so touching to read. We will be here to support your needs, so please know that and that we love you guys very much. I enjoyed the slide show. It really showcases Laurens personality and how cute she is at any stage of her life. Love and prayers
Marcia & Dick

Amy said...

Becky I LOVE that poem. It says it perfectly! Hope everything is good for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. When is the first surgery scheduled?

Shannon said...

Thanks for inviting us to view your blog. I am glad you guys have been able to attend a conference and meet some other families dealing with some of the same things through the internet. That made a world of difference to me when Avery first got sick because I felt like there was no one that could understand the daily ups & downs. The support of other people that really know what it's like means so much. We are thinking of you- thanks for keeping us updated- love, the Pauls

scott family said...

This blog you guys have done is so neat. I am so happy all is going well with lauren. love all your pics too! take care!