Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wow, has it almost been 2 years?

It has almost been 2 years since my last entry. I have been meaning to update the blog with new photos of Lauren and how she has been progressing but she has been doing so well, it made it easy to forget what she has been through the past couple of years. Today, Lauren had another surgery on her ear. This surgery was to help rotate the ear slightly and provide some added touch up. She also was able to get her ears pierced. She was very excited and wanted this badly. The surgery was in Beverly Hills with Dr. Lewin. The surgery lasted about 4 hours and she did very well. Laure was very concerned going into the surgery today. She was very scared. Now that she is older she is starting to understand more what is going on and is fearful it may hurt. She was also very concerned about going back to school with bandages because she thought the other kids would laugh at her.

I reminded her of the experience we had with her a couple years ago after her Medpor reconstruction. We were in a couple days after her surgery. A small girl about her age was leaving the restaurant with her family and she was holding a balloon. A few seconds after they left the restaurant, the girl ran back in and gave her balloon to Lauren. She must of saw Lauren's bandages and wanted to give it to her to make her feel better. We know she doesn't have to worry what other people may think when they see her.

Her recovery should be fairly quick. She is currently off-track from school and won't be going back for another two weeks. She will be bandaged for about one week and we can then remove everything. She is currently a little sore, but tonight she is back to her energetic self. Dr. Lewin feels we can come home as early as tomorrow.

I will include some new photos of her from the past couple of years. Later this year she may have surgery to her left eye to remove a small cyst. It is not affecting her vision, but it is something that may cause irritation as she gets older. After that, there is not anything more planned for her except the orthodontic work that we are having done at Primary Children's Hospital to help lengthen her jaw on the left side. We appreciate everyone's support and prayers.

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Michelle D said...

Awesome! Now when Lauren is older she can totally claim "I got my ears pierced in Beverly Hills" like a diva ;) hehe