Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are so glad to be home. The surgery was a success. Lauren had a lot of scar tissue and the doctor was able to remove it. All of the other minor tweeks the doctor wanted to do were also done. Dr. Lewin said that kids just like to produce lots of scar tissue and that it is something we are going to need to watch for carefully. We can not say enough about Dr. Lewin, she is the greatest doctor. Lauren as usual is just amazing. It is incredible to watch how fast she bounces back. She was eating to her full capacity just hours after her surgery. We are biased parents, but she is absolutely an amazing example of patience and compassion to everybody she meets. The staff at the hospital were so complimentary of her. We are glad to be back and are hoping we are done with surgeries for a while. Thanks to family and friends who helped us get through another surgery.

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Amy said...

She is amazing! I can not believe how much she has gone through. What an example to us all.