Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grandpa Ottley and Lauren: Update 13

Lauren celebrated her 5th birthday this week and she was very excited. She has been healing very well and there have been no problems so far post surgery. She got some new ear rings for her birthday so that she can show off her pierced ears. She is still wearing the upper retainer in her mouth that we have to turn each day. It has come loose a couple times now and we have had to go in and have it repositioned. She will have to have it tightened for another month and then keep the device in place another couple of months afterwards. I hope to post some new pictures of her ear on her soon.

Grandpa Ottley hasn't been back to work the past few weeks. His shortness of breath is gone, but he has had pain in his arm and hand again. He visited the neurologist this week and he seems to have some nerve inflammation that can only be improved with surgery. He meets with a neurosurgeon next week for a consultation. The surgery is an outpatient surgery and shouldn't be much of recovery period. Sounds like he should feel improvement immediately.

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