Friday, November 27, 2009

Grandpa and Lauren: Update 12

Grandpa Ottley returned to work last week after being cleared by the doctor. By Thursday, he was feeling pretty worn down and that night he started having shortness of breath. Friday morning he felt like he should go to the hospital. We went to the emergency room and they put him through all the standard tests. They think that due to his high activity that week, he started to build up fluid in his lungs and it caused the shortness of breath. They ruled out another heart attack and just felt like his working that week was a bit too much for him. Since then, he has not worked this week and has been trying to get his strength back. They prescribed medication for him to take to help get rid of the fluid and also started him back on regular breathing exercises again. Hopefully he will rebound soon and be able to get back to work if even on a limited basis.

Lauren has been doing wonderful. She is healing well and hasn't been slowed down at all. We had the expander fitted back into her mouth and she'll have to wear that for another month or two. We are planning to have a CT scan done here locally for her jaw in the upcoming month. We want to send this to Dr. Urata in California to get his opinion of her jaw distraction. He did see her in his office when Lauren was having the surgery last month. He felt that he would probably wait to distract again for a couple years unless we are able to fix it orthodontic ally. Other than that, things with her will slow down a bit. We will continue to post photos of her to show the progress of the healing to her ear.

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Heather n Ryan said...

Good to hear that Lauren is doing so well right now. Hopefully, Gpa Ottley can get up and going again. I hope you guys are doing good, you have had a lot on your plate the last several months.