Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 2: Surgery- 8 PM (Post Surgery)

We have made it back to the hotel. We were with Lauren in the recovery room for a little over an hour. She acted very much like she did after the first surgery. She was disoriented and didn't understand what was covering her head. She kept trying to pull off all the tubes and wires that were hooked to her. However, she didn't seem to cry or be in much pain. She slowly started to come around and we even got her to smile. She complained of her back hurting a bit but we think it was from laying down for such a long time in surgery. She has a big mesh stocking cap that goes over her head and down her neck. The face is the only thing cut out. I think she looks like a cute white tele-tubby.

She has a protective cup that covers the new ear so we haven't been able to see it. However, Dr. Lewin took some pictures and showed us in the waiting room. Her face looks a bit swollen and the Doctor says she may swell some more in the next couple of days. Again, she said the most difficult part of the surgery as finding thick enough skin to graft into place. She ended up taking the graft from the back side of her head. This shouldn't take too long to heal if it is anything like the last graft they took in for her surgery in January. She has two plastic tube drains that are placed under the skin and ear. We are to monitor the drainage and make sure there is constant suction. They don't expect there to be a lot of draining however. She will have to keep these drains in for 2 days and then they will be removed.

Just from the looks of her, I think she will be able to bounce back as quickly as she did with the first surgery. She hasn't asked for any pain medication yet other than children's Tylenol. Tomorrow we will rest her as much as she wants. Wednesday we will head back to the Doctor for her first check up. We probably won't be able to see the new ear until next week, but I have asked if the Doctor can give me some of the pictures she took today. Thank you everyone for checking in and leaving your comments. It made the time go by faster by having this outlet to utilize.


Drew said...

Dear Lauren, I think you are SUPERGIRL!!! I really love your teddy bear and hope I can meet your bear some time.
Love, Brenda (and boys) :)

Marcia Orr said...

So glad to read about the post-surgery news on Lauren. I hope she is still improving and that the doctor will have good news on Wednesday. This whole ordeal shows us the tender mercies of the Lord to all his children and the power of prayer.