Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Surgery

Well Hello Everyone!  We are posting because we have had another surgery.  Lauren has been doing so well.  She is an awesome ballerina and is growing so fast.  We had another surgery on October 23 on her ear.  Mostly it was just to do some tweeks.  We really hope that this is the LAST ear surgery.

She will be having another eye surgery in December to help with the ptosis or droopy eyelid that really seems to have gotten worse after her first eye surgery to remove or minimize the cysts.  The doctor says it is because one of the cysts was helping hold her eye open and when the cyst was taken her muscle had not built the strength that the other eye has to hold it up.

Our ear surgery went well.  Dr. Lewin is awesome.  We tell Lauren that she has magic hands and she does.  So for now we will post again after her next surgery and will add some pictures as well.

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