Friday, April 9, 2010

Hearing test results

Sorry, we haven't been updating this. Today Lauren had her hearing tested. We haven't done this in about a year. It was pretty good news. Her hearing has stayed consistent throughout the past year post op. She still has a hearing loss with high frequency sounds. This is something she will have to learn to compensate for, which she already does. We spoke with the audiologist and she is going to speak with Lauren's kindergarten teacher on placement in the class, and a possible amplified system. She said that when the classroom gets real noisy, Lauren might miss some things. We feel so lucky that Lauren is doing so well, and blessed that her right ear remains perfect and has compensated for any loss on the left ear.

We also having been doing some treatment with a steroid ointment and ear plug on her ear canal because it seems to have constricted a little. That has really seemed to help. We will continue this treatment for another two weeks. The steroid ointment helps scar tissue expand and thin, thus stretching it back to where it was. Finally, we spoke with Dr. Lewin afer sending some current photos of Laurens ear. She is very happy with the ear. She wants to do one final surgery on her outer ear in the future. It will be just to tweak a couple things and to add a little fat in her left cheek.

I almost forgot because Lauren is so patient, she has also been doing a lot of orthodontic work because of her jaw. She just had an upper palate expander taken out after about four months. She then was measured for another device upper and lower that will help stretch or lengthen her left lower jaw. She was excited that they could custom make it pink just for her. She is a trooper. It will be done in two weeks and then we will have it put on. Luckily, it can be removed when she eats and won't be as uncomfortable as the last expander. She is a trooper and never complains, we learn and grow from the strength that she shows as she accepts and deals with everything so calmly.

We will try to do better at updating this.

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