Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home and Recovering

(This link will show photos of Lauren pre and post op. Some pictures are graphic)

We are home and Lauren is doing great! It is so suprising at how little pain she has had. We are looking forward to seeing Dr. Kelly our local ear doctor to remove her bandage over her skin graft on Friday. He will also trim some of the packing inside her new canal.

She will say out of the blue throughout the day, I HEAR MY EAR. As the packing is slowly removed Dr. Roberson said it will just get louder. It is very exciting.

We are already starting to look at the next surgery scheduled May 5. This surgery will be outer ear reconstruction. Dr. Lewin in Los Angeles will be doing this procedure. Lauren is already excited to see the "girl doctor" that we met in October. So here we go again. We will continue to update everyone on how she is doing.


Shannon said...

Hope the doctor has nothing but good news tomorrow. I am so happy for her that she continues to notice a difference in her hearing- that is awesome.

David L said...

Awesome news!